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Shipping & Returns

 Free shipping in NL & BE. Your parcel will be deliverd in 1 or 2 working days. All our shipments are handled by DPD.

You have 14 work days after you received your purhcase to return your item(s). If you wish to return your item(s), make sure to return in its original condition, including hangtags, and is in its original seal-bag. Returns that do not meet the requirements will not be refunded. Once your return has been processed in our warehouse, you will receive your refund within 14 work days. The return costs are €4,95.

Steps to return NL & BE:

1. Check that your order is complete (original condition, price tag attached, not worn etc.).
2. Add the invoice document (attached) and write on it that it is a return & which items are being returned.
3. Click HERE to create your return label. Enter your order number and zip code.
4. Print the return label.
5. Place the new return label over the shipping label or remove the shipping label.
6. Take the parcel to a DPD parcel shop. Find a parcel shop near you here.
7. Take a picture of your label so you can track the package with the track & trace code.

Orders from other countries:

Returns are at your own cost. You can return you items via the steps below:

1. Send an email to: with your order number and which items you would like to return.
2. Information is sent on how to request a return label.
3. Print the return label and send it to a parcel shop if desired.
** Do not forget to add the invoice document to the return order. This way we know which order belongs to which shipment 😊

True cost of shipping and returning

While it is okay to return a package when the item does not meet our expectations, we feel it is important for everyone to understand what are the true costs. Below you find the exact "Cost Breakdown" for you to understand what happens behind the scene. Hopefully now you understand why we ask for a small contribution when returning your package.
The best way to reduce our impact is to understand it.
We don't want you to feel guilty if you have to return
an order, that's okay!
Now you know the impact and you can make better




We focus on simple, yet powerful design to create timeless premium quality products. We take pride in our sustainable approach, which is to produce 100% of our collections in Europe, using the most sustainable fabrics and together, we plant trees to reduce our impact on the planet.


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world after oil. It makes up for 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, 85% of all textiles go to waste each year and 90% of wastewater in developing countries is discharged into rivers without treatment.

Our statement:We are not a fashion company, means that we are not like other fashion companies, driven by profits at all costs. Our drive is to create the most sustainable clothing brand.


What about us, as consumers?

We should expect more from brands! We should choose for brands that show ethics and responsibility. We should also adjust our relationship with products, look for better quality to discard less. We should support brands we share values with.



With many years of experience in this industry that is now broken, we want to build a brand that is in line with people's expectations and our current and future challenges. Building a sustainable future is not a trend, it is an obligation and we take it very seriously.

Exceptional Products and Sustainability are Van Harper DNA and we promise that,
together, we will have an impact.


Buy less, buy better. More than 60% of the products made are trashed within the first year. We make exceptional quality products, made to last for us to reduce our consumption and adopt the right habit.


Buy local. We produce 100% of our product in Europe. We then avoid our products to travel half way across the globe at the expense of our planet.


We use the most sustainable material available and we push our partners for innovations to keep reducing our impact on the planet. We commit 1% of our sales to planting trees. Forest are a necessity for our biodiversity and to cool down the planet. Let's protect what is protecting us!